Builder Tower Hoist

Tower Hoist

Tower Hoist
Capacity 1000 kg gross load carrying capacity.
Speed 33 metres/min. But can also be designed according to the specific requirement.
Winch Prime mover: 15 H.P. /18 H.P. Diesel Engine or 12.5 H.P. Electric Motor.
Drive Friction roller type with self-aligning bearings.
Chassis Heavy duty robusts made out of heavy steel section.
Wire Rope Heavy duty (12mm) steel core wire rope.
Optional Handling Pneumatic tyre with roller bearings with excel shaft or M.S. Wheels.

Mini Tower Hoist Lift

Mini Tower Hoist Lift
Capacity Up to 500Kg gross load
Height Up to 40 ft.
Prime motor 8 hp. air cooled diesel engine/ 5 hp. Electric motor
Tower Front 50x50x6 mm angel rear 35x35x35mm angel
Wire rope 10 mm, 8x19 usha martin
Drive Friction roller type
Foundation No required
Skip unit Heavy duty with safety lock
Bucket capacity 170 liter 10.17 cubic meter
Wheel Brand new 400 x 8 pneumatic with hub and bearing system and pressed steel plate

Mini Crane

Mini Crane
Capacity 500 kg
Motor 3 hp. 3 Phase
Height(wire rope) 8mm 100 ft. to 400 ft.
Boom length 6.5 ft.
Boom movement 3600 round
Speed 100 ft. per minute
Option Auto mechanical brakes on power failure

Slab Trolly

Slab Trolly
Fully Manually operated equipment for slab casting.
Capacity 500 kg (net weight) or 0.3 cubic meters
Trolley For easy material ejection, swivels in 360째 around its axis and can be tilted at 90째.
Rails Made with 40 mm dia. Pipe with left and right bends.
Wheels C.I. Heavy duty wheels with ball bearings.