Trimix System

Vaccume Dewatering Pump Top Mat

Vaccume Dewatering Pump Top Mat
Gives fast, simple and easy removal of excess water from concrete slab after compaction and levelling, allowing faster floor finishing
POWER UNIT: 7.5 HP. Electric motor; Pump capacity: 110 m3/Hr.
Top Mat
Tailor made size; max. size available 7 mts. x 5 mts., Fitted with two side handles, to spread easily.
Bottom Mat
Prevents escape of concrete particles when VACUUM DEWATERING takes place. Size: Tailor made, max. Size: 7 mts x 5 mts.

Power Trowel Cum Floater

Power Trowel Cum Floater
Power Supply 415Volts, 3 Phase,50 Hz
Power 2.25KW/3HP
Rated Current 5.0A
Output Speed 80 / 120 rpm
Max. Reach 2.7 Mtr.
Max. Weight with floating disk 95 Kg.
Outer Diameter 914mm
Blades Diameter 815mm
Disk Diameter 900mm

Groove Cutter Machine

Groove Cutter Machine
Length x Width x Height 760 x510 x745 mm
Water tank capacity 40 ltrs.
Blades used 14" to 16"
Power supply 415 V, 3 Phase, 50 Hz
Electric motor 7.5 HP / 5.6 KW.
Rated current 10.5AMP
Diesel Engine can also befitted in place of electric motor.

Heavy Groove Cutter Machine

Heavy Groove Cutter Machine
Power 15 hp. 3 phase motor, 2800 RPM
Depth 8-12 inch maximum cutting
Blade diameter 22 to 36”
Tire Scooter tire/ Solid tire
Arrangement for water circulation easy / end adjustment system

Curb Cutting Machine

Curb Cutting Machine
Model Electric Engine
Blade size 18" 18"
Max. Cutting Depth 7" 7"
Water Tank 100 Ltr. 100 Ltr.
Power 5 HP, 3 Phase 6 HP Diesel
Depth Adjustment Easy Screw Easy Screw
Weight 220 Kg. 220 Kg.
Machine Size 150 x 145 x 200 cm 150 x 145 x 200 cm

Screed Vibrator

Screed Vibrator
Foot Mounted Vibrator Motor 1 HP, 3-Phase
Volt 415 V, 50 HZ
Beam Space 330 mm
Beam Size 80 x 40 mm
Standard Length 4.2 Meter (Also Available in adjustable design)