Hoist Mixer Concrete Machine

This powerful machine uses a 10 HP diesel engine or a 10 HP 3 Phase electric motor and has a mechanical loading Hooper.


  • Powerful motor or engine of your choice
  • Easy to operate 
  • Easy maintenance 
  • Sturdy steel chassis 
  • Robust mixing drum
  • Heavy duty blades 
  • Good mixing capacity 
  • Excellent mobility 
  • Strong wire core

Quality checked

Technical Specification

Capacity 10 cft. Unmixed / 7 cft mixed
Chasis Heavy duty, robust steel chassis from, 125 X 65 mm
Power 10 H.P. diesel engine or 10 HP 3 Phase electric motor, 1440 RPM
Loading Hopper Mechanical Hooper made from 3 mm plate
Column Up to 50 ft.
Wire 10 mm Fiber Core

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