Tower Hoist Angle Type

This hoist lift machine has a height of 110 ft. and has a carrying capacity of 750 kg Gross load.

Features –

  • Fiber roller type drive 
  • Heavy duty brake shoe liner 
  • Sturdy steel chassis 
  • Wheels with roller bearings 
  • Robust excel shaft
  • Great output and high performance 
  • Excellent mobility
  • Impressive design 

Technical Specification

Capacity 750 kg gross load carrying Capacity
Height 110 ft.
Speed 25 meters/min, but can also be designed according to the specific requirment
Winch Prime mover H.P. diesel engine or 10 HP 3 phase electric motor
Drive Fiber roller type with heavy duty break shoe liner
Chasis Heavy duty robust made out od heavy steel section
Wire Rope Heavy Duty 10 MM steel core wire rope
Optional Handling Pneumatic wheel with roller bearings with excel shaft

Diesel engine & Electric motor can also be fitted in same plate base

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